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Danielle West

Danielle West has been mentoring, counselling and facilitating conversations since 2016. Danielle's specialisations include healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, self esteem,  existential issues, burnout. Danielle works with both expats and Thai Nationals and offers therapy in English.

She is a published author, clinical hypnotherapist, Level 1 Neurokinetic therapist, NICABM certified Traumatic Memory Specialist, Certified ACTP SF Coach, Certified CLC Coach, Counselling psychologist, Reiki Master, Certified Tribeless Host, tarot card reader, actor and motivational speaker. 

She published her first novel All Change Please, written over seven years on her Blackberry, and her memoir Girls Can't Be in the Mafia published through Epigram Books. She has had articles published in Rough Magazine, Fighters Only Magazine, Train Hard Fight Easy magazine and Material World Singapore. Her first experiential play Grand Opening was staged in Singapore in July 2019.


  • AS (Counselling Psychology, Singapore)

  • Depression Patterns Certified (NICABM, NBCC)

  • Traumatic Memory Certified (NICABM, NBCC)

  • NKT Certified (Neurokinetic Therapy Thailand)

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Certified (IBCP, USA)

  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (ACTP, Singapore)

  • Certified Executive Coach (Life Coach Institute, USA)

  • Accredited Facilitator (Tribeless, Singapore)

  • Accredited Facilitator (Writing Through, Singapore)

  • Reiki Master (Reiki Connect Within, BOTI Studios, USA)

  • Sound Healing (Lotus Wellness, Thailand)

  • Somatic Systems Theory and Practice (Embodied Philosophy, USA)

  • Extraordinary Member of the Thai Counseling Psychology Association (TCPA)

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