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"I had given up on my knee, but West had not. 3 surgeries in 12 years on the same ACL proved to me that my athletic days were over and I should take it easy in order to avoid the operating table again. 


NKT was not something I was familiar with but she offered to help. What did I have to lose? West starts to "listen" to my body, in a way that I was not capable of myself. Looking at my surgery scars and scar tissue like a master mechanic looking under the hood of a classic muscle car. She massaged and stretched and coached, session after session after session. First, my range of motion started coming back, then my confidence and drive. 


Whether you intend to or not, you and West will become fast friends The plethora of services she offers speaks to her love of stewardship, and her understanding that no one solution will work for everyone and every issue. What I can promise is that she'll work with you until you are healing; physically, mentally, and emotionally."


DC, Bangkok 

"I didn’t believe in therapy for many years, until I met West and tried opening myself up to the idea that it’s okay to receive external help. My mindset has changed completely since. West’s therapy has helped me in so many different ways and I’m glad I’ve allowed myself to let West help me embark on this new journey in self exploration and acceptance.

It’s okay to let people in, especially when you realize you need some sort of help. West’s ways are specifically catered towards your needs and her attention to every detail is what sets her apart. It was hard for me to start this whole process, but once I did take a step forward, it changed my life."

Jonah, Bangkok 

"Discovering the world of tarot has been such a fun and insightful journey. West had offered a comprehensive introductory workshop, that empowered me to use tarot cards with confidence, and supported me to add this tool to my practices.


Readings with her have been helpful, positive and supportive. She has a great knowledge and intuition to share and guide, through her work with cards."

Evelin, Bangkok


"When I met West, I was in the deepest part of grieving from a trauma I would have to live with for the rest of my life. There are no real words to describe being in a place like that and trying to conjure some up for a complete stranger on any therapeutic level is the last thing a highly pragmatic professional desires. My job demands calculated precision and any hint of emotional bleed over could sabotage your credibility for years to come. So when I met West, I walked in with strategic intent to turn around and walk straight out of the conversation at any sign of misleading assumptions or sympathy. But the wildly disarming thing about her, is she met me where I was at in that moment. She simply held space for me and allowed me to feel all the perceived unacceptable sentiments my external life refused to acknowledge or threatened to judge me on. She stayed with me in the repetition, backsliding and abject pain and offered my brain an alternative thought process on the content.

Her unique ability to pull from her vast life experiences and personal triumphs over trauma helped rendered perspective and hope where there was none. As someone that explores the nuances of human behavior as a career, and doubted my own talent following this trauma, her unconventional insight can not be replaced by years of study- it was lived and translated as a narrative of fight and surrender as tools from the same kit we all carry—but her talent gave guidance on how to allow myself the space to use these tools on my own terms, in my own time. There are not enough words for the gratitude I have for her, as she helped me out of my own way, showed me my own capacity for strength I saw only as vulnerability. Thank you friend."

-M Lozen, USA


"I didn’t believe in therapy until I met West. I had, after all, been an MMA fighter, and men in macho sports weren’t supposed to need help. All my misconceptions burned away when I had my first conversation with West. Here was a former fighter turned executive being totally upfront with me about her struggles with anxiety. She shared with me stories of her battles, then gave me tips on how to best manage my own anxious thoughts. Her advice worked. 

I’ve known West for a handful of years now, and she has, in her own unique, kind and informal way, bettered my life in more ways than I can count. I no longer grind my teeth into nubs when I sleep, nor clench my fist as hard when I’m stressed. My anxiety, though still there, has dimmed to a dull, manageable throb. 

Most of all, West has taught me the value of vulnerability and the understated importance of a good, long conversation. 

West’s services are excellent and varied, and she’s somebody I highly recommend to level up your mental game."

-Alvin Ang, Singapore

"My sessions with West were catered to me and left me feeling clearer. The tarot reads and hypnotherapy were very enlightening. Her approach is thoughtful to truly assist in guiding through sometimes difficult former beliefs. She helped me in redirecting old ideas to open myself to new possibilities. West provides a sense of ease and understanding. I am truly thankful for every conversation and session."

-JJ, Los Angeles

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